Organic CSA
Start Date:  May 1st, 2009
Lewis' Organic Farm
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Organic CSA

What's It All About?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership
of individuals who support farmers with a pledge of financial support.  As
part of the team, members provide input into the organic produce that is
grown.  In return for their financial commitment members are assured
the receipt of safe, organic produce on a weekly basis.  Farmers are
freed from the burden of debt and return the rewards of the labors to
the shareholders.  Members and farmers together enjoy the bounty of
good, organic produce.  

How Does It Work ?
Members will receive a weekly shopping list that they will use for deciding
what items and quantities they would like to receive each week. Members
will select items and quantities on their shopping list totaling $25.  All
members, regardless of plan, receive a minimum of 20% off normal retail
prices.  Members will then submit the next weeks list so that the right
amounts of each item can be provided.  Please note: you will be ordering
your items one week in advance.  Additional shopping lists will be provided
at the pickup location for members to plan for the subsequent weekly
allotments of produce.  
Members then can pick up their produce at the CSA location, Lewis'
Veggie Farm Stall, at Roadrunner Park, 36th St. & Cactus, on Saturdays
between 7:30 and
11:30am.  Using the previously submitted shopping list,
members will weigh and bag their own vegetables from baskets from that
weeks fresh harvest.
Also, volunteering a little time at the distribution location
will help aid in a smooth distribution and add
s an additional opportunity to
support the CSA.  Eventually, we hope to be able to provide interested
members the chance of volunteering to help harvest at the farm.

Full Share (50 weeks):  $ 750  *Best Deal @ $15/week for $25 worth of produce*
Half Share (26 weeks):  $ 520   Summer__Fall__Winter__Spring__   Pick Two
Quarter Share (12 weeks): $ 240 Summer__Fall__Winter__Spring__   Pick One

Seasons are as follows (Seasons Do Overlap)
Summer: May thru July
Fall:  August thru October
Winter:  November thru January
Spring:  February thru April


*Credit Cards will be accepted
at the Distribution Point (Roadrunner Park)
(There will be a 3.5% fee for credit cards)
*Payment plans can be arranged - please ask
Cash or Checks will also be accepted

Important Notes:  
Do not expect all of your produce to come from the CSA.  Most CSA's do
not provide families with enough produce to meet their usual intake.  
Depending on the size of your family and how much you cook, you will
probably find that you will either need to supplement your vegetables
from your local grocery store or purchase additional items at the market.
If you are not used to eating seasonally,you may find
that it takes a while to make a transition from eating whatever is
at the grocery store (pretty much everything) to whatever is in your CSA
basket (what's in season).  It may surprise you to find that, depending
on the season, different items are available at different times of the

What Else Do I Get When I Join ?

When you join a CSA, you:
Support Local Organic Agriculture
Support an Organic Farm that uses no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers,
use methods that preserve and improve the soil and water
Forge a connection to the land where your food is grown and the people who
grow it
Receive regular farm news, tips and recipes
Learn new skills and tips on cooking, canning, composting, and farming from
the farmer and other members of the CSA

Community Sponsored Agriculture
for additional information
Registration and Sign Up

Sign-Up will begin April 18th at Lewis'
Veggie Farm stall at Roadrunner Park.
We will continue accepting applications
every Saturday from 8 till Noon until
membership reaches 50.